Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yes, I have They Might Be Giants on the brain... not sure why! Got up on time, and to my class on time! Woohoo! 3 times in a row now, I've made it to the class on time. I need to keep up that streak.

I am for SURE feeling it today! Of course, I screwed myself a bit by doing BB video last night, and then having class this morning... the shoulders and hammies and glutes are feeling it. My knees are a little achey (that's new, and I'm not liking it, because I think it means I'm getting older) -- However, I feel fantastic! My mood is so happy and joyful. My mornings are brighter when I get up and workout early. It helps that the beautiful sunshine is out this morning!

Down 2 lbs this week (probably a tad bit more though, because I had on some extra clothes this week) -- I'm taking my two pounds and smiling about it, because even with only 2 lbs off, I have pants that are already not fitting, so that means things are changing!!! Love it!

I got to show myself and everyone that I can in fact do JUMPING JACKS! Granted, I didn't do as many as I would have liked, I DID them! :D Go Me!

Today was filled with squats and push ups, planks, slogging (slooooooooooow jogging), lunges, etc. Nothing that I loathed, that's for sure... but nothing that I excelled at (until the treehouse gets a pool, I can't really show where I am strongest... because that would be in the pool). I am DETERMINED to be able to hold a plank for a minute. Who knew that could be so tough!?! I'll be working on planks at home this week, to prove it to myself that I can in fact put mind over matter and accomplish the side plank.

You know, while working out today, the muscles that talked back the most... were my lower abs -- right where the c/sections occurred (4 c/s in 6.5 years) -- It was awesome to feel them working and burning. I can't wait to see the results in a few weeks. A flatter stomach will surely feel nicer under clothes. The rounded pooch of a belly that is there now, is extremely unattractive and really gets in the way of doing things, such as sit ups!

I had my pre-workout banana while on the way to the Treehouse. I figure I'll fix some breakfast here in a bit. This week is a big week, the baby is turning 1! I have to do lots of planning so I can enjoy a slice of Kalico Kitchen cake on Saturday. I've already planned that any leftover cake will be sliced and taken to my mom's house to be frozen and used as dessert on Easter at Grandma's house. Keeping the menu for the party pretty simple, Whole Wheat rolls, turkey, sliced cheese, veggie tray, goldfish for the little kids, chex mix for the adults and Kalico Kitchen Cake... we will do a candy bar (the kind where you have candy and you fill a bag) for the favors -- that way, ALL CANDY will leave my house! Though I've not been tempted by the candy.

I am having a HUGE craving for a Reeses Peanut Butter Egg. I've decided that when the craving gets overwhelming, I'll just buy a single egg -- and savor it, rather than doing what I normally do... buying the bag of the mini eggs and freezing them and eating them whenever. Granted, I'll freeze that egg before I savor it... LOL (which is dangerous, because if the husband or a child finds it, they may eat it before I do!) All in all, the craving hasn't been overwhelming yet, and I'm hoping it remains that way!

Gotta keep up my motivation this week. Warmer weather makes me want to be more active, so I am really hoping we get some warmer days SOON! I turn into a slug in cold weather. I need your help this week in keeping everything going! If you want to get together and walk or whatever, let me know! I CAN DO THIS!

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