Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Say What!?!

Yes, I know it is only 7:15 in the morning, but I've been up since 4:45, so my energy level is on the high side right now!

Made it to body back this morning, and had a wonderful reward for my attendance! I stepped on the scale and it read: 283.0 -- for those keeping track, I am down FIVE POUNDS!!!!! I love seeing the scale going dooooooown! What an awesome reward for my hard work! I know that we aren't supposed to be proud... SO, I'll give the glory to God... who gives me STRENGTH! He's been pouring it on!

I'm still struggling through workouts and nursing my very annoying calf muscle that has decided to be a thorn in my side! I'll be icing that bad boy as soon as I get these kids off to school.

So, the workout today... MERCY! I need Mercy... well, at least, I think I do, but then the next thing I know, I have made it through the entire class -- STILL Breathing, Still moving, ROCKSTAR!!! There are still things I can't do, but then there are things I'm starting to do better and better. Today we had to do side shuffles, but the stupid calf muscle was giving me grief, so I ended up jogging -- OUTSIDE! In SHORT SLEEVES! I truly thought I would puke once we came inside and had to go straight into planks. My abs were screaming by the end of class, but we were doing Superman Bananas, and I have GOT to teach that to my kids. They will think that is the most fun EVER! Today, my legs, shoulders, behind and abs are feeling the workout!

I SO wish I still had my gym membership, I'd be packing the girls up here in an hour and heading to my favorite water aerobics class! That would feel so good on my sore calf! I am really hoping that I can workout a good deal on a membership and get back into my gym routine! I miss it and I know it would only aide in my journey and further my progress!

Well, I must take my oldest child to school now, so I'll end here. Stay tuned for the food journal later this evening! HAPPY TUESDAY! Make it a wonderful day and keep smiling!

***Please Pray for those in Japan!***

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